The Thanksgiving dinner workout

Brace yourselves – the average American Thanksgiving dinner adds up to between 4,000 and 5,000 calories (gasp). Unless you’re getting up and participating in a local turkey trot (overacheivers) or a rousing game of after dinner football with the family, you’re probably not planning to workout on Thanksgiving. I mean who has the time with all the  cooking to be done.

In an effort to help all of us burn off some of those calories, I put together these Thanksgiving workout moves you can do throughout the day while you’re cooking, watching football (or the parade) and having dinner.

Follow the instructions below and do the recommended number of reps (until you pass out on the couch after dinner):

  • Every time you check the turkey (or the person cooking the turkey checks it) – 5 squats
  • Every time someone asks for you to pass a dish during dinner – 5 situps (you can save them all up until after dinner)
  • Every time someone sings during the Thanksgiving Day parade – 5 push-ups
  • Every time a Black Friday Sale commercial comes on – jog in place until the commercial is over
  • Every touchdown – 6 alternate lunges (3 on each side)

Here is a fun graphic you can pin or save to your phone as a reminder of the moves throughout the day.


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