Quick workouts to beat the holiday bulge

With all the family and social gatherings, holiday shopping and kids programs/parties, it’s not easy to carve out time to fit in a run or a trip to the gym. But with 10 days until Christmas, I feel like I’ve already overindulged on holiday cheer (ie sweets, carbs and wine). So, in an effort to not be completely terrified of stepping on the scale post-holidays (and just feeling generally crappy), I’m trying to squeeze in quick workouts when I can.

Here are some of the quick and uncomplicated workout videos I like to do at home (no crazy equipment required).

5 minutes

5 minutes to Slim HIIT Cardio (Fitness Blender) – try this right before you hop in the shower in the morning or while the kiddos are eating lunch/dinner. You’ll increase your heart rate and work your entire body.

10 minutes

Kitchen Cardio (Barre3) – this is one of my favorite quick workouts. Do it first thing in the morning or while you’re cooking in the kitchen. It’s low impact (and won’t leave you a sweaty mess) but gets your heart pumping.

15 minutes

Hump Day HIIT (Tone It Up) – this high intensity interval training workout really works your whole body with a combination of toning and cardio intervals. Got 30 minutes? Do this workout twice in a row! Or do it once in the morning and once in the evening for twice the calorie torching benefits.

The holidays come but once a year so I allow myself to enjoy a little treat here and there (and anything goes on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day). Trying to squeeze in quick workouts helps combat my eating guilt and some of the extra calories I consume. Also, I try to make sure to drink LOTS of water (like 8 glasses or more) to combat dehydration, which can lead to more munching. It also keeps my skin from going all oily/dry/flaky/gross.

For more quick workouts (and other good stuff), head on over to Macaroni and Mascara on Pinterest.


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