My bucket list: Getting more out of life

We all have a list of things we dream about doing one day but a lot of them never actually get done. A few years ago, I read a post over on Living Big about bucket lists and felt like I should start an actual list, in an effort to finally start crossing some things off. The last thing I wanted was to look back years from now and regret not having done the things I’d always wanted to.

As it should be, my bucket list is an ever changing document, as I’m continually adding new things.

Here is my personal list as of right now, including the things that I’ve done (because those crossed out items are so gratifying):

    1. Take a cooking class in a foreign country (channeling Julia Child of course)
    2. Run a half marathon
    3. Visit Paris in the springtime
    4. Go to New York Fashion Week
    5. Buy (and drink) a bottle of Dom Perignon
    6. Start a blog about anything
    7. Watch my daughters get married
    8. Start/join a book club
    9. Become a wine tasting expert (practice makes perfect)
    10. Learn to surf (preferably somewhere warm)
    11. Visit New England in the fall
    12. Own a piece of vintage Chanel
    13. Run Hood to Coast
    14. Learn to take amazing photographs
    15. Take part in a grape stomp at a vineyard
    16. Run in the Rock n Roll Marathon in Las Vegas
    17. Take a painting class in Tuscany
    18. Learn to play the guitar (at least one semi-recognizable song)
    19. Complete a triathlon
    20. Stay in a penthouse suite at the Plaza overlooking Central Park
    21. Turn stand up paddle boarding into a hobby

I think making a physical bucket list (on paper, your computer, your phone, your wall, wherever) is a great excercise to help you focus on what you really want to do in life. And it keeps you accountable and pushes you to start accomplishing things so you can check them off. Just looking at my list makes me want to start doing more!

I’m planning to start a bucket list with my husband and my daughters, as I know there are a lot of things that pertain to them that are not included in this list (I left those things purposely off this list so we could make our own lists together).

Wondering whether you should start your own bucket list? The answer is yes, but check out this post over on Living Big for reasons why you should and tips to get you started.

What items are on your bucket list that I should consider adding?

Head on over to Pinterest and check out my Bucket List board for more inspiration.


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