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Changes are common in people’s life, especially when it comes to women being pregnant is the greatest change in their life. During pregnancy women get into several changes in their body, due to hormonal change and some may be due to fetal growth. One such thing occurred in pregnancy time is body odor which is common one with all women. Many would fear about the body odor especially if it is first time pregnancy then people would imagine lot about this and end up in infection. Thus the majority of women’s common question would be why do they smell different while pregnant? The answer would be so simple, during pregnancy time women would sweat lot than normal days even for small physical activities due to high range of hormone secretion. However being with bad odor smell is really distinct for women to do their daily routines.

Does deodorant usage is harmful during pregnancy time?

In order to escape from the bad odor many people tends to make use of body deodorants. Even deodorants are made from chemical were some may be good and some may be harmful for health. So people need to be cautious in choosing deodorants that too especially pregnancy women would check for non toxic, harmless deodorants to protect their baby from affecting.

If not chemicals used in deodorants results with many other side effects like itchiness,  rashes and many other problems. Thus it is essential for pregnant women to choose the best deodorants. But, at the same time it does not mean that usage of deodorants in pregnancy time is dangerous one. In simple words pregnant woman would not remain with the same health condition it is really unpredictable to find suitable body deodorants without having any side effects. Thus it is essential for pregnant women to go with the best option that is suitable and safe for them.

Why Do I Smell Different While Pregnant?

Best deodorants to be used during pregnancy time

When people look on to deodorants, they have several options to choose the best among them is really a hard part for people. When it comes to pregnant women even though they use safe deodorants the chances of getting affected is high as they strike with strong smelling senses. By knowing all these stuff many of you would be stuck in confusion whether to use deodorants during pregnancy time? What type of deodorants is best? Is there a special deodorant available for pregnant women? Such as the questions keeps on rising to make all these doubts clear enough special deodorants are available which is especially made for pregnant ladies. Thus to be on safer side it is better to use natural made best deodorant for pregnancy.

How to find best pregnancy deodorants?

If you are pregnant for the first time and searching for a deodorantto use in pregnancy time, you would have plenty of options available in the market. Among several options it is the toughest job to find out best pregnancy deodorants. However, people should have good researching mind for choosing deodorants during pregnancy time. To make it simple and ease your searching process here are some deodorant for pregnancy are listed below.

  • Kopari aluminum free deodorant
  • Zero sweat antiperspirant deodorant
  • little seed farm
  • crystal mineral deodorant

Zero sweat antiperspirant deodorant

It is wise to choose organic made deodorants during pregnancy time. Thus zero sweat antiperspirant deodorants are chemical free organic made and these deodorants are non toxic that ensures safe usage. Moreover, these zero sweat antiperspirant deodorants have an adorable pleasant fragrance that would long last about 7 days of time. These deodorants would not clog pores in skin like other deodorants and it also reduces sweating in armpit.

Kopari aluminum free deodorant

Kopari as per the name indicates, this deodorant is completely made from natural organic coconut oil. Due to its organic made this deodorant is widely preferred by most of the pregnant ladies. Apart from organic made the kopari deodorant it is chemical and paraben free this ensures safe health of users. Moreover this deodorant is capable to prevent fungi and bacteria formation while sweating. It fragrances deliver mind-blowing aroma that lasts for a day.

Little seed farm

It is the most popular and highly rated deodorant in the market and widely preferred by many pregnant women due to its uniqueness. The seed farm deodorant is completely differing from other deodorants that come with gas or liquid fill. This seed farm deodorant is a creamy type deodorant that is better to use for all skin types and highly recommended for sensitive skins. To be more clearly this deodorant does not contain any harmful chemicals or ingredients such as baking soda, coloring and harm fragrances content. As add on safety, the deodorant is made of aluminum – free, this allows the body to breathe during body movements. Its pleasant type fragrance helps to avoid the odor caused by body and creamy texture helps the body to stay moisturized and nourished all day. To make you more comfortable a single-use of little seed farm which lasts up to 24 hours.

Crystal mineral deodorant

Unlike other deodorants that comes with gas or liquid fills, the crystal mineral deodorants comes with a stick form. This special handy design helps lot people for easy apply. The deodorant holds natural pure mineral salt that makes them natural organic deodorant. Moreover the crystal mineral deodorant is completely cruelty-free one thus it can also be preferred for vegans. The single use of these mineral deodorants would lasts for 24 hours and fills you with great aromatic fragrance.

Likewise, all the above mentioned deodorants are best deodorant for pregnancy time and protect you from bad odor by filling a nice fragrance around you to make you happy mentally and physically. In case if you wish to have your desired choice of deodorants during your pregnancy time makes sure you are choosing the right one which is natural and organic one. On the other case if you are allergic to any ingredients it is also essential to look on to the ingredients carefully before using them. Thus by following all these factors you can get free from bad odor during pregnancy time.

Stitch Fix: April review

Oh how I love getting shipping confirmation emails from Stitch Fix! That sweet message saying my next fix is on its way (and knowing that I can cheat and see what it is I’m getting). It’s like the countdown to Christmas. I check my tracking obsessively and then rush to the mailbox as soon as delivery has been confirmed.

This month, I was especially interested in the items would get, especially after writing a post all about how to make Stitch Fix work for you. I would feel pretty silly if I received a dud of a fix.

My April fix did not disappoint. In fact, it’s the best fix I’ve ever gotten, further proof that my tips work! As I ripped into the box and tore through the tissue paper (after documenting with photos of course), I was thrilled at the bright patterns in my box.

First thing I always do is check my note from my stylist. She was unable to get me any of the 6 items I requested by name but she did say she used those items and my Pinterest board as inspiration for the items she did send.

Next I take a look at each item along with the style cards to get different ideas of how to wear the item and what to try it on with.

I gather the coordinating items from my closet that I think might look good with the items from my box, including the proper undergarments (seriously you can’t try on clothes sans bra people). I also usually force my husband  to witness my personal fashion show to get someone else’s opinion. I can tend to gravitate towards ‘mom styles’ (as my husband calls them) so it’s nice to get another point of view, plus I do want him to like what I wear and how I look.

So, here is what I received in my April Stitch Fix.

Kut From The Kloth Galden Button Down Blouse

At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about this shirt. The pattern was fun but I wasn’t sure if I was really into the flowers. My husband wasn’t 100% either. Floral patterns are really on trend for spring and summer, so I figured it might be a good addition to my current closet.

It looked cute with a pencil skirt and jeans. After scouring my closet, I found 3 cardigans that I already own that match colors in the pattern and looked good paired with this shirt (which means lots of versatility). I also tried the shirt tucked into a pair of white wide leg slacks and that pretty much sealed the deal for me.

Verdict: Kept

41Hawthorn Moni Studded Shortsleeve Blouse

I’ve wanted one of the Moni Studded Shortsleeve Blouses since I joined Stitch Fix. I received a medium in one of my first fixes and it was too big. This one was a small and fit much better. It’s fitted enough to show my shape but not so fitted that it shows the stuff I don’t want anyone to see. My husband even liked it (and he generally doesn’t like shirts that ‘cover’ this much).

I paired it with skinny jeans, a black cardigan and flats, as well as bootcut jeans and wedges. Both were super cute! Love the versatility of this top.

Verdict: Kept

Brixon Ivy Lex Textured Floral Knit Fit & Flare Dress

This dress has such a great print and a fun bright color for spring and summer. The fit was right on, showing off my curves and hiding my hips. My husband also liked the scoop neck, which showed a small but tasteful amount of cleavage. I can’t wait to wear it to weddings and parties this summer.

I paired it with a grey cardigan as well as a coral cardigan and it was cute. Thinking it would be fun to try with cobalt blue cardigan or jacket as well

Verdict: Kept

41Hawthorn Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse

I’m not a huge fan of purple. I actually don’t own any purple tops. I do like how it’s bright and will be great for spring and summer. This shirt fits really similarly to a few other shirts that I own and love. My husband didn’t love it, mainly because he said it didn’t show enough skin (such a guy) but finally came around at the end.

This looked great with skinny jeans and black skinny slacks for work. It was a little long to tuck in to a skirt (too much bunching). I also think it would look cute with white skinnies, which I don’t currently own but I’m thinking of investing in for summer.

Verdict: Kept

Tart Maxine Knit Chevron Jacket

I love the print of this jacket. I wish it was a bit more fitted. I’m also not a huge fan of navy, mainly because I own so much black. I do need another cute jacket for going out (which is what my husband said), so I talked myself into it.

I like it with rolled up skinny jeans, a t-shirt and flats for a casual look. I also liked it with skinnies or bootcut jeans, a cute tank and wedges.

Verdict: Kept

This is the first time I’ve liked every item in my fix. I ended up keeping everything, which saved me over $70 (if you keep all 5 items you get a 25% discount). I probably would have only kept 3 items (in an effort to not go spending crazy) but once I factored in the discount, it was only $10 more to keep the two additional pieces. So of course I kept it all!

Ready to try Stitch Fix for yourself? I’d love it if you’d help fund my Stitch Fix habit and use my referral link. Also, be sure to check out these tips to help you get stuff you’ll actually like from your fixes.

Odds are that unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Stitch Fix. I first signed up for Stitch Fix last summer and recieved my first fix in August. Since then I’ve recieved 6 Fixes (my seventh should be here in the next week).

I’ve heard mixed reviews from friends and coworkers about how they feel about the selection they get and the whole process. Some people swear by it, while others don’t love the items they recieve and cancel their subscriptions.

Here is my honest review of Stitch Fix:

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a personal shopper service in a box, like Birchbox for clothes. You fill out a style profile (and add a link to your Pinterest style board), pay a $20 styling fee (which gets credited towards your purchase) and then they send you five items selected just for you. Items include clothing, outerwear, bags, scarves and jewelry. You keep what  you like and send the rest back in the postage paid envelope they provide. Love everything? Keep it all and you get 25% off your total.

Why I decided to try Stitch Fix

After having two babies and finally losing my baby weight (and then some), I had no idea what to wear. I was too old to shop at trendy twenty something stores but not at all ready to settle into mom jeans and cat sweatshirts. I didn’t know what to buy or where to shop.

My other dilemma was that I had no time to shop. I would rather chew off my own arm than go shopping with my children, so that meant no shopping for this mama, except for the occasional solo trip to Target during my lunch break.

I saw a post on Facebook about Stitch Fix from one of my friends and thought why not give it a shot. I mean, I was wearing clothes from 2007, what did I have to lose.

My Fixes

I was a little skeptical about actually fitting in the clothes. I’m a short girl with wide hips who has a hard time finding clothes that fit right, but this really isn’t any different than shopping online at any retailer. Overall, the fit has been surprisingly good, though there have been issues with liking things that were too big or too small.

I’ve purchased around 10 items from my 7 fixes. I have yet to keep all 5 items from a fix. I have yet to have a fix where I send everything back. I have chosen to not receive jewelry, scarves or bags, becuase I feel like I prefer to choose those items on my own (though I did keep a great statement necklace from my first fix). I would rather get clothes and accessorize as I please.

I LOVE that they send me styling advice. They send personalized cards that show two options of how to style each item (usually a dressed down and a dressed up option). It’s great to see the versatility of an item and they give me a lot of ideas that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own. Also, in the personal message from your stylist, they often talk about how the new items can be worn with items you’ve kept in the past, which means they take the time to see what you’ve kept and sent back.

I always make a point of getting a second (if not third, fourth and fifth) opinion on the items I select because I have a hard time getting outside of my comfort zone. I always enlist my husband to help me decide, because I care that he likes what I wear, and he has good taste (that’s why he married me duh).

Here are some of the items that I’ve kept from my fixes.

Now, there have been a couple fixes where I opened my box and thought ‘WTF was the stylist thinking?’. Like the time they sent me 2 burgundy shirts when burgundy is on the list of colors I don’t want. Or the time they sent me two nearly identical black cardigans.

Another downside is that they don’t really do exchanges. If an item is the wrong size or has a broken zipper, you can request another in your next fix, but they can’t guarantee they’ll have the item.

Their system and their stylists are not perfect. However, there are things you can do to really make this whole thing work for you, instead of just getting a random box of clothes and hoping you like something. 8 tips for making Stitch Fix work for you

  1. Set a realistic budget – When you fill out your initial style survey, be really realistic about what you’re willing to spend. I didn’t pay too much attention and ended up getting $120 pants that I LOVED (and kept) but normally never would have spent that on a pair of black pants. You’re getting good quality items (for the most part) so don’t expect to pay Target prices. Set your budget appropriately so you don’t get soemthing you love that you can’t afford.
  2. Think about what you really want – Look at your closet (or what you wear on a regular basis) and think about what items you really want. Do you need work clothes or cute tops for date nights or a nice dress for cocktail parties? Be sure to be realistic about your lifestyle and don’t request things that aren’t practical for your day-to-day needs.
  3. Give thorough feedback – This one might just be the MOST important thing to remember. When you get ready to send back your fix, you fill out a brief survey about each item, like how did it fit, was the style to your liking, etc. In the notes section, mention anything you strongly liked or didn’t like. Maybe the fabric was itchy, maybe you hated the print, or you loved the details but hated the color. The more specific you are, the better clothes you’ll get in future fixes.
  4. Set up a specific Stitch Fix Pinterest Board – If you’re anything like me, you have a Pinterest style board that you pack with cute shoes and outfits you love. However, the items on your board may not be a true reflection of what you actually wear (or want to wear). Set up a board specific for Pinterest and pin items you really want, like colored jeans or lace tops. Also, follow Stitch Fix on Pinterest and pin items they pin to your board to get really specific on the items, colors or styles you like.
  5. Send notes to your stylist – I recommend doing this a few weeks before you next fix is scheduled to ship (just login to your account and you should see the section to write a note). Be specific about items you’re looking for (like seasonal or on trend items). If you’ve seen an item on social media or from someone else’s fix, request it. Going on a trip or starting a new job? Let them know so they can pull items that are appropriate. Also, if you find a stylist that seems to really get you and sends you amazing stuff, request the same stylist everytime.
  6. Be open minded – if you’re not willing to be open minded about the items you get sent, then Stitch Fix is probably not for you. These stylists get paid to look at your past fix feedback, your Pinterest board and your style survey to determine your style and what to send. Just because you don’t like something when you open the box doesn’t mean you won’t like it once you try it on and add some of your own accessories.
  7. Don’t keep items you don’t love – You pay $20 (nonrefundable) to get your fix but don’t keep something just so you don’t lose that. You’ll end up with stuff you won’t wear. If you’re not loving the items you are getting, be more specific in your feedback, on your Pinterest board and in your Stylist note. Or schedule your next fix for 2 months out to give yourself a chance to take a little break.
  8. Tell your friends – You get $25 in credit everytime one of your friends signs up for Stitch Fix (when they’re first shipment ships) using your referral link. I’ve probably had about 10 friends sign up, which means I’ve earned over $250 in FREE stuff! Shut the front door right!?! Post your referral link on Facebook and Twitter or email it to your friends.

I’ve loved my experience with Stitch Fix and highly recommend it. Just be sure to set realistic expectations and go into it with a really open mind.

Want to try Stitch Fix for yourself? I’d love it if you’d help fund my Stitch Fix habit and use my referral link.

Still not sure? Check out my April Stitch Fix Review.

I’m a working mom, so I rarely have time to go shopping for myself (I tried it once with the kiddos and would rather be naked in public than do that again). If it weren’t for Stitch Fix, I’d probably still be wearing the flare leg embroidered jeans from college (that’s so 2002). That means I need help remixing the items I already own, which is where Pinterest comes in (and we already know I’m totally obsessed with pinning). Pinterest is a great source for outfit and styling inspiration. Once I find an outfit I like, I break down the individual pieces and find similar items in my closet to put together my own look.

When I started thinking about what to wear to Thanksgiving dinner, my first thoughts were my cleanest stretchiest pair of yoga pants and a baggy sweatshirt. I don’t think my fam would really appreciate me showing up in my usual ‘around the house’ uniform, so I searched Pinterest for some Thanksgiving outfit inspiration.

Here’s how i went from chic outfit ideas I pinned on Pinterest to actual outfits pulled from my own unorganized closet.

Outfit 1 – Casual dress with fur vest

I’m really obsessed with my fur vest right now so I loved the look of this casual dress paired with a fur vest. I chose my orange H&M skater dress (really any casual dress would work) and added my H&M fur vest, black booties and a simple necklace (I didn’t want a crazy necklace to complete with my already crazy vest). Plus, the dress is a great option for when you know you’ll be ‘gobbling’ up mashed potatoes and pie (see what I did there).

Photos: left –, right – {Macaroni & Mascara}

Outfit 2 – Structured jacket with loose fitting top

The easiest way to upgrade a simple top and jeans is to add a cute jacket. I really like the simple look of this tan leather jacket and striped tee. I decided to use my brown leather fur lined jacket (because it’s oh so cozy) over this avocado green Anthropology top and dark jeans for a pulled together look (hint: these jeans have a bit of stretch to them which makes them comfy both before and after dinner).

Photos: left:, right: {Macaroni & Mascara}

Outfit 3 – Casual t-shirt and cozy scarf

There is nothing easier than a t-shirt (well unless you want to be naked). Add a fun scarf and ‘bam!’ there’s your outfit. I went with a black loose tee (nobody should be wearing fitted clothing on Thanksgiving), this cozy mustard yellow scarf and some comfy boyfriend jeans. Grab a long cardigan to take with you just in case you get chilly.

Photos: left –, right – {Macaroni & Mascara}

Now this is not rocket science, but gives you a good idea of how to take inspiration from places like Pinterest and translate it into outfits using items you already own (unless yoga pants are socially acceptable, in which case always choose yoga pants). And let’s be honest, odds are if you have children, whatever you’re wearing will be covered in a mixture of gravy, whipped cream and milk by the end of the meal.

Now, which of these outfits do you think I should wear to Thanksgiving dinner?

Fall is upon us but I’m just finally getting around to breaking out my favorite fall items. Maybe it’s because I spend a lot of time around the house in yoga pants these days, or that I continue to safely rotate between my 4 favorite outfits whenever I go out without the kiddos. I’m by no means a fashionista but I have learned how to put together basic kid friendly clothes that make me look like I put in at least a small amount of effort before heading out of the house to the grocery store or the park. (And these items are versatile enough for the single ladies, too)

Here are my 5 fall fashion essentials every mom should have in her closet:

1. Tall Boots – whether they’re riding boots or rubber wellies, boots are great for keeping your feet warm and dry while chasing kids around during the fall and winter months but they’re still cute enough for a trip to the mall or lunch with friends.

Hunter Original Tall Rain Boots $148

2. Fleece-Lined Leggings – comfy like yoga pants but more socially acceptable, leggings can go great with boots or flats. Be sure to pair it with a top or cardigan that covers your bottom (they’re leggings, not pants).

Anne Klein Fleece-Lined Leggings $26.00

3. Cozy Cardigans – classic layering pieces help pull a look together. Pair it with a t-shirt and leggings for a look that is comfy enough for lounging around the house but also public appropriate. Also, patterns can help hide dirt and stains that little fingers may leave behind.

Vertigo Metallic Open Cardigan $59.97

4. Fancy Sweatshirts – all the comfort of a sweatshirt but with a slightly more feminine fit. Also, fun patterns or embellishments make them less ordinary.

LOFT Heart Print Sweatshirt $54.50

5. Scarves – keeps your neck cozy with these easy accessories. Just throw on and go (or search Pinterest for hundreds of different fancy ways to tie a scarf). They also do double duty by providing strategic coverage for any spills or spit-up mishaps.

Forever 21 Tartan Plaid Frayed Scarf $10.80

Busy lady with no time to shop? I use Stitch Fix, an AMAZING personal shopping subscription service that’s like Christmas morning. You fill out a quick style profile and provide a link to your Pinterest style board (optional), pay $20 and they send you 5 items (clothes, bags, jewelry and scarves). You try everything on at home, keep what you like (the $20 gets credited toward your purchase) and send the rest back in the shipping-paid envelope they provide. Super easy for busy women who don’t have time to shop or know what to buy. If you haven’t tried it, DO IT!

Once upon a time, Halloween was about finding the sluttiest sexiest costume possible, throwing it together with some fishnet tights or thigh highs (who wears those when it’s not for a costume anyways) and a fun party to wear it all to.

Now as a mom, Halloween takes on a whole new meaning. It’s all about getting costumes for the little ones that will fit over sweatpants and rainboots, and buying insane amounts of candy (we’re talking about enough to give an elephant diabetes). There’s also the fun of stealing ‘testing’ your kids’ candy to make sure it’s not poisoned. The parent that thought that little white lie up was a GENIUS! Funny how all the chocolate candy is usually the most ‘at risk’ for possible poison.

This year, I was given the task of tracking down two of the most coveted kid costumes for my girls: Anna and Elsa from Frozen. Knowing these costumes would go faster than socks at a Black Friday sale, I shopped early (like in September) and found the perfect costumes for my little ice princesses (which of course will be covered in chocolate 5 minutes after they put them on).

My ‘Mom’ costume these days generally consists of throwing on my trusty witches hat and calling it good. Sadly, my hat did not survive Halloween last year (thanks to some sticky hands and a rogue tootsie pop) so I was stoked when I saw these chic alternatives to a Halloween costume over on Dress Your Guests. Loving that I could easily throw something similar together from the items I have at home with some fun orange accessories and call it good! That means more time for candy ‘testing’.

If you’re looking for something a bit more costume-y, I’m  loving the casual take Stitch Fix did in their latest blog post about putting together a last-minute costume from items you already have in your closet.

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