Mom questions answered: The good, the bad and the ugly of being a Mom

A few weeks ago, I answered some of the most common mom questions regarding labor and delivery. Here is the next installment of mom questions answered: The good, the bad and the ugly of being a Mom.

What is the worst thing your kids have done?

This is a tough one. I guess the worst would have to be when my oldest was 2 (she’s currently 4 1/2), we were in a restaurant and she threw a glass on the ground. As it shattered on the floor, everyone in the restaurant turned around and looked at us like we had brought a monkey into a restaurant. Needless to say we promptly got the check, to go boxes for our food and left. I don’t think we went out to a restaurant with her for at least a few months after that incident.

What is your biggest pet peeve about being a parent?

My biggest pet peeve would be the constant judgement you get (or at least think that you get) from everyone around you. Whether it’s friends, family or a stranger from the grocery store, I feel like I’m constantly being judged based on the parenting decisions I make. Part of it is people actually saying judge-y things and giving unwanted opinions. The other part is my worry that I’m being judged (which may be in my head). Because of this, I do my best to try not to judge other parents. I feel like we all need to support the parents around us, no matter whether we agree with their decisions or not. We’re all doing the best we can to keep our kids alive right?!?

What is the best part of being a mom?

I think personally, I can often take being a mom for granted, because it really is awesome. I think the best part is when they put their arms around your neck and say ‘I love you mom’. Best feeling ever. It’s the one thing that can take away all the stress and frustration and turn me into a bowl of mommy mush.

How do you get your children to eat vegetables?

The only vegetable my children willingly eat is potatoes, in the form of french fries. On rare occasion, I can get them to eat spaghetti and I sneak extra veggies into their marinara. Check out this post for my marinara recipe and other sneaky ways I get my kids to eat vegetables.

Who is the mom you admire the most?

My mom of course. She was a single mom that put herself through college while I was in grade school in order to give me a better life. She always supported me and pushed me to do my best. She put me through college without any student loans and now she’s an amazing Grandma to my little girls. I hope I can be half the amazing parent she was/is.

How has life changed since becoming a parent?

When you have kids, your life becomes less about you and all about your kids. My weeknights used to include happy hour, going to the gym and staying up late watching television. My weekends were all about going out with friends, weekend brunch and lounging around the house. Now, my weeknights include picking up the kids, feeding them dinner, getting them ready for and into bed, then trying to stay awake long enough to have a coherent conversation with my husband. On the weekends, we’re hanging out at the park, playing outside or inside, watching cartoons, coloring, and binge watching shows on Netflix after the kiddos go to bed.

I love my kids to pieces, but sometimes I miss the carefree lifestyle we lived before we had kids (though I don’t know if I could stay up past 11pm on the weekends to go out anyways).

You are potty training and you find that your little one has smeared ‘poop’ on the wall. How do you react?

In my head, I think I would be screaming mad. On the outside, I would attempt to remain calm while I clean up my child and tell them that kind of behavior is not okay. Then I would hand them a rag and ask them to help me clean it up so they understand the consequences of their actions. This would be a really hard situation to not just freak out, especially for me.

We’ve been lucky to have never run into this kind of situation with our oldest. We’re working on potty training my youngest right now, so fingers crossed that this doesn’t happen (and that if it does I can remain somewhat calm).

When do you find time for yourself?

I’m really bad at this but I try to make it to the gym or out for a run at least 3 days a week (I work out at home the other days) in order to get some alone time. Also, my husband and I try to go out for at least one date night per month to get some couple alone time.

What is your biggest failure as a parent?

As a parent, you would never admit that you have a favorite child, even though you probably do. In our house, the ‘favorite’ situation occurred when we had our second child. I was breastfeeding which meant I was the main caregiver for our second child, while my husband took over a lot of the parenting duties of our first child. This naturally turned baby #1 into my husband’s ‘favorite’ and baby #2 into my ‘favorite’. We try really hard to not show any favoritism towards either child but sometimes we just gravitate toward one child more than the other.

About a week ago, my oldest asked why I give more attention to her sister than her. #PARENTINGFAIL It broke my heart! I never want my children to feel like I show an obvious preference towards one of them. She then said it was okay because her dad gives her more attention than her sister. We’re now making even a bigger effort to show equal attention to each of our girls.

What has been your proudest moment as a mom?

Whenever I see my oldest sharing with her little sister it makes me really proud. She is a great big sister, always giving her toys to her sister to play with, including her in games (or trying to at least), trying to teach her words and giving her hugs when she is sad. I’m so proud to be her mama.

You’re in  the store with a full cart and your baby starts crying frantically…what do you do?

This has happened to me more times than I’d like to admit. I would usually try to distract baby with a toy or one of the items in the cart. I’ve even been known to bribe my children with a cookie or other treat. If all else fails, abandon  your cart, get in the car and try again later.

What is guaranteed to make your child smile?

Tickling is usually my go to to get them out of a bad mood or make them smile. Also, doing something silly will generally put a smile on their face. My husband is much better at this than I am. He’s great about getting down on the floor with them, playing around and being super silly. He can always get them smiling and giggling.

What is the last thing your child cried about?

Earlier this week, my youngest was crying because my oldest called her a baby. I’ve never see two individuals love each other as much as my girls do but sometimes they can be downright mean to each other, without really understanding how they hurt each other. I can only imagine what they will be like as teenagers.

Have you ever been embarrassed by your child?

Yes. Most recently, I was out in a restaurant by myself with both of my daughters (what was I thinking). My youngest was acting up, screaming and generally causing a scene. As I was trying to get her to stop flinging food around with her fork, she proceeded to dump my plate of food into my lap. I was extremely embarrassed. However, I do have to say that it was probably not fair of me to be embarrassed of my 2 year old, for acting like a 2 year old, when I probably shouldn’t have taken her out to a restaurant when she wasn’t really ready for it.

Being a parent is the best thing in the world, but it’s also one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Watching my children play makes all of the sacrifices worth it (even though some night I’d rather drink a glass of wine and go to bed at 7pm).


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