How to Protect Your Baby from Insects

Baby is bitten by insects, itchy, itchy, red all day, it makes them stop eating and crying. The following 5 ways will help mothers handle the insect bites quickly, helping the baby no longer uncomfortable. Mom, please find out immediately in the following article.

1. Why are insect bites swollen and hard?

Once bitten, both adults and tr e you have signs of slightly swollen red bites. However, adult skin has a more complete structure, the epidermis is thicker. So the insect bite is not too swollen and fast. In contrast, children’s skin is quite fragile, the resistance is weak. So it is easy to swell and longer when bitten by insects, especially with poisonous mosquitoes.

Mosquito saliva is introduced into the human body at the same time as they suck blood. In mosquito saliva, there is a substance that prevents the coagulation of blood. At that time, the human body will produce natural substances that react to make histamine produced, causing swelling of the skin bitten by the mosquito.

In addition, mosquitoes are often most active at night. At this time, the steroid hormone cortisol in the body is quite low, reducing the immunity, especially for young children. This is also the reason mosquito bites at night are itchy and uncomfortable. And it is also the reason why insect bites are hard and swollen.

2. Handle it as soon as the child has been stung by an insect

Children bitten by insects are often very itchy and uncomfortable. They can scratch, causing the bites to break and become scarred easily. So in order to avoid uncomfortable swollen and swollen insect bites. Parents should detect and handle as soon as the baby has been bitten by an insect.

You can use tea tree oil, coconut oil, and toothpaste to apply it to the stings to reduce swelling. Accompany it is a baby bath with warm water mixed with natural essential oils for more guaranteed body hygiene.

If the allergy is worse, the mother can give the baby an anti-allergy medicine combined with an antihistomine or anti-dry skin medicine to reduce the swelling and stiffness quickly. In the case of the baby itching all over the body and the mother rashes, take him immediately to the medical facility for appropriate treatment.

3. Use tips to treat swollen and swollen insect bites

3.1. Use lemons

Lemon juice is acidic, so it has anti-inflammatory, anesthetic effect, reduces the itching sensation when bitten by mosquitoes, insect bites, and antibacterial prevents infection. Using lemon on the sting will quickly flatten and not cause swelling in the skin area.

You just need to slice a thin slice of lemon and rub lightly on the affected area or use a cotton ball to soak the lemon juice on the skin.

Note: lemons work on mosquito bites, but not to prevent mosquito bites. Rubbing lemons into your skin a lot can cause sunburn and blistering when exposed to sunlight.

3.2. Use oatmeal

In oatmeal contains substances that are effective against inflammation, anti-irritation, itching and swelling. This mixture is convenient, safe and does not cause irritation or side effects, so it is suitable for use in children.

You just need to mix a little oatmeal to apply to the affected area, then wait until the powder is dry and then wash it off with warm water. Your baby’s skin will become smooth, soft and no swelling itching.

3.3. Meat tenderizer tenderizer

This is very effective when the baby is bitten by an insect. The tenderizer softener will help soften the affected area, reducing swelling quickly.

You just need to use a little powder mixed with water to make a slightly thick powder to apply on the sting, after the powder is dry, you will see that the baby’s skin is no longer swollen, hard and red.

3.4. Honey – Effective treatment of insect bites

Honey has quite large anti-inflammatory properties, is safe on the skin. So it is suitable for use on the skin of children.

Just put a small drop on the insect bite, then rub gently to absorb gradually, the mother will see the sting gradually go down, no longer itching or discomfort. Do not forget to wipe with clean water to avoid attracting insects like ants to the baby’s skin.

3.5. Apple vinegar

Similar to lemons, in vinegar is acidic to help with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and itchy treatment effectively.

Using a small cotton pad to soak the apple cider vinegar solution and apply it evenly to the sting will help relieve symptoms of irritation, itching, discomfort. In addition, mothers can also mix a little more flour to form a mixture to apply on the bump will help to quickly flatten.

3.6. Baking soda

Baking soda also works very well in anti-inflammatory and itchy relief. Using baking soda mom can also be assured because it is safe on the delicate skin of young children.

Just use a sufficient amount of baking soda mixed with water to create a paste and apply to the skin. Wait for the powder to dry, then rinse the skin with cool water to see significant effects.

4. Medicinal products for treating children with insect bites and swelling

4.1. Use Baby Cream

Skin moisturizers like Cream will help to hydrate and soften the skin, creating a sense of comfort and effectively eliminating itchiness.

In particular, Cream ingredients are natural medicinal extracts such as Nano technology (Nano Curcumin), Chamomile extract to help soothe lesions, insect bites and swelling quickly and prevent leaving dark scarring. Zinc oxide, Vitamin E, almond oil, … help maintain moisture on the skin, protect the skin from mosquito and insect attacks, helping to keep the skin smooth and ruddy.

EmBé cream has been certified as safe from the Ministry of Health, so the mother is completely assured when using it on the baby’s skin.

4.2. Medicine for swelling and itching

You can find medicines like Stingose ​​and After Bite or Hydrocortisone cream and moisturizer products. These are all quite effective and non-irritating anti-inflammatory products that can be used by children.

4.3. Toothpaste

Toothpaste is usually cool and can be anesthetic to effectively relieve itching. In the toothpaste, there are also anti-inflammatory active ingredients that help the area that is bitten by insects to be swollen and hard to avoid infection and infection.

4.4. Use alcohol or alcohol on the burned area

This is an effective way to relieve the itchiness caused by mosquito bites. When applying alcohol or alcohol, the area where the skin is bitten by the mosquito becomes hotter and anesthetizes so it doesn’t feel as itchy as before.

4.5. Take aspirin to cool down

Aspirin is primarily effective at relieving pain and fever and can also relieve itching. However, do not use this method more than once as it may cause side effects such as drowsiness or drug resistance.

4.6. Use soap

On the market today there are many effective soaps for mosquito bites that parents can buy for their babies. This product helps your baby to both clean his body while eliminating the unpleasant itch.

5. Use herbs or essential oils

5.1. Aloe plant (Aloe):

The gel in aloe vera has a very good effect on antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and effective itching. This is also a natural herb that is safe on the skin of children that you should prioritize using.

5.2. Basil:

Crush the basil leaves and apply the residue to the area where the baby is bitten by insects, it will have a very effective anti-inflammatory effect thanks to thymol and camphor in this plant, Besides, the smell of basil also repels mosquitoes. very effective.

5.3. Use banana peel:

Use a banana peel to gently scrub the affected area to reduce swelling and itching effectively and simply.

5.4. Lavender essential oil:

Apply a thin layer of lavender essential oil to help reduce redness and swelling in the affected area, and quickly reduce the itch and be extremely safe for the skin.

5.5. Tea tree oil:

Using Cajeput oil on the skin is both effective at repelling mosquitoes, while helping to antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and rapid relief of itching.

With the above sharing, hope has given parents useful information about how to handle when the baby is bitten by insects. Please be prepared to apply as soon as you see your baby being bitten so that the baby does not get pain and itching.


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