How Loud Should White Noise Be for Baby

Sleep is important for infants in their nervous and emotional development in the first weeks after birth. In order to adapt to the new environment, usually, newborns do not sleep deeply and wake up several times in a few hours, understanding the child’s sleep mechanism will help parents take good care of their babies as well as have methods to help children sleep better.

So how do your babies sleep better? Have you ever heard of “white noise can help to sleep”? Hear how contradictory, noise can lull sleep? Is the noise “white”? Join me in discovering all kinds of strange sounds and consider whether the best baby white noise machine should be used as an effective solution to help your baby sleep faster!

What is white noise

White noise is a form of noise produced by combining different types of sounds with different frequencies. Imagine that you can put together all the sounds that humans can hear together, then you’ll get white noise. It can also be understood that white noise is a type of sound with low frequency, spaced out continuously.

These are sounds that are supposed to be the same frequency and are similar to the sounds babies can hear while in the womb, so white noise can be used to comfort babies and lull them to sleep.How Loud Should White Noise Be for Baby

Does white noise help lull children to sleep?

Babies often wake up several times a night to breastfeed, and sometimes it’s hard to sleep. White noise helps to overwhelm the background noises and helps your child focus on sleep and more relaxation. White noise helps improve sleep performance, in addition to white noise, you should also prepare a comfortable sleeping environment for your child, such as limiting light in the bedroom and sleeping on a comfortable mattress.

How long should the white noise be turned on?

How long should children listen to white noise? This is an important issue that parents need to keep in mind. It is best to only let your child hear white noise for 5 to 10 minutes. For adults, you can listen for about 15-20 minutes. When listening to music, you need to adjust the appropriate volume to avoid tinnitus and hearing impairment in the long run. If you can’t afford a white noise machine, you can download white noise tracks to listen to when you’re having trouble sleeping. White noise music mp3 or on youtube are all appropriate listening channels.How Loud Should White Noise Be for Baby

Benefits of using white noise machines

White noise helps children fall asleep quickly. If you notice your baby showing signs of drowsiness with background noises outside his daily rest, he may be more responsive to white noise. However, if your baby gets used to the noise and when everything is quiet at bedtime, he or she may respond back and don’t want to sleep anymore.
If your family has many young children, the white noise will be helpful for newly born babies. For example, when babies want to go to sleep but their siblings are being naughty, white noise will help them to eliminate background noise and make it easier for them to sleep.

Things you should keep in mind

White noise may be a temporary solution to help your baby sleep, but it is not the best solution. The lack of safety and the persistent use of noise, combined with the potential risks, make white noise a problem.

You should know that when your baby wakes up at night, especially for children under 6 months old, it is usually due to some discomfort that your baby needs your attention. Therefore, you should not always expect your baby to sleep through the night without breastfeeding or changing diapers and cuddling. You can consult your pediatrician if your baby has abnormalities in sleep at month of age.


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