Friday Favorites | 4.3.15

Hello April!!! I’m still sick but trying to get into Spring mode with some cleaning, prepping for vacation and getting ready for an eventful Easter weekend.

Here are a few of my favorite things from this week:


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Stuff yo self

I made these amazing taco stuffed bell peppers last weekend and they were so good. The pepper serves as a healthy (and clean) substitute for a flour or corn tortilla so you can stuff yo self without blowing a day’s worth of calories in one sitting. You can find the recipe in this post from earlier this week.

Starbucks Evolution Fresh smoothie

When I first saw that Starbucks was offering new healthier smoothie options, I was stoked. I mean who doesn’t love smoothies?!? I was not so thrilled when I heard they’d be charging $5.95 for a grande. Boo! I decided to give them a shot, despite the price tag. They come in 3 flavors, strawberry, carrot mango and sweet greens. I was all set to go for stawberry but they were out. So I settled for carrot mango and, to be honest, I was pretty dissapointed. It was really carrot-y and not very sweet (coming from a girl that regularly adds spinach, kale, cucumbers and carrots to smoothies). In fact, had I not paid $6 for it, I probably would have chucked it in the garbage (sorry Starbucks). Maybe the strawberry is better (ie. sweeter)? I say save your money and make a healthy smoothie at home (like this clean strawberry almond butter smoothie), then go to Starbucks for your coffee fix. Starbucks is still a favorite, but their smoothies were not.

March Fitness Challenge Complete

I finished up my March Fitness Challenge. It was tough keeping up with the schedule. There were a couple of days that I missed and had to double up. I made it through and definitely see some difference in my overall strength and body. I took before and after pics but I’ll be keeping those to myself. I’m not ready for the humiliation of putting pics of my mom belly and butt in the internet just yet. If you’re looking for a way to increase strength and muscle tone, I definitely recommend adding this challenge to your regular strength training routine.


WOLO is the couples version of YOLO. We only live once. My husband and I finally got around to putting together an actual list of all the activities, events and trips on our couples bucket list. I hope to be crossing a few of these items off soon and adding new things as we think of them. Want to know what’s on my personal bucket list? Check it out here.

I’m off to prep the final touches for the girls’ Frozen themed Easter baskets then get ready for an Easter egg hunt tomorrow and Easter dinner on Sunday.


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