Friday Favorites | 4.24.15

Happy Friday friends!!! I’m on vacation this weekend so this Friday Favorites post is all about my five favorite posts.

I’ve been blogging for 6 months now (though it seems much longer) and I really enjoy it. My job is focused on digital and social media so I can apply a lot of that knowledge to my blogging hobby. I also love that I get to talk about my adventures in being a wife, a mom and a semi-healthy person.

Well, enough about me. Here are my 5 favorites posts from my first 6 months as a blogger:

10 tips to get started running

Running has become a pretty big part of my life. Even though I occasionally take a week off here and there, it’s always the one thing that can help me get out of a funk. Read about how and why I started running, and how you can get started too.

Becoming a mom turned me into a liar

As a parent, you often find yourself telling little white lies to your children just to get through the day. Check out a few of my finest (and most ridiculous) fibs I’ve told my children.

10 thank yous for my husband

This post was really personal for me. I’m not always the best at thanking my husband for the things he does and showing my appreciation. I felt that it was important for him to know I am thankful for the big things he does, along with the daily things he does for our family. I think most wives can relate to a lot of these things. SO let this serve as a reminder to thank your husband often.

A letter to tired moms

I wrote this post after an especially tough day with my kids and was more than a little under appreciated. I think sometimes a mom just needs to hear thank you and be reminded that being a mom is the greatest gift.

Stitch Fix: How to make it work for you

If you’re a regular reader, I’ve talked about Stitch Fix a lot. It took me a few months to figure out how to get good stuff that I really liked and I wrote this after hearing from a lot of people that had the same issue. The tips in this fix will help your stylist give you a better selection of things that you’ll actually want to keep (I just kept all 5 things from my last fix).

Have a great weekend everyone!


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