Friday Favorites | 3.27.15

There is nothing worse than Friday finally coming around and realizing you’re sick. Hoping it’s just a cold that I caught from on of my sweet little germ infested children, and doesn’t develop into something more serious. And it’s a double bummer considering it’s supposed to be in the seventies today (sorry everyone who’s still covered with snow).

Here are a few of my favorite things from this week:

Easter dresses

I took the girls on a quick trip to the store this week. My oldest saw the rack of frilly candy colored Easter dresses and asked if she could get one. I told her we would be getting her and her sister Easter dresses but not that day, as we were in a hurry. Apparently she saw a ‘must have’ dress because she spent the entire next day telling my mother-in-law how beautiful this dress was and how she just had to have it (Diva much???).  They went and purchased the dress, along with a matching dress for my younger daughter (who hates dresses and will most likely throw a HUGE fit when we try to put it on her). It’s official, my 4 year old is officially a fashionista.

Mom questions answered

I found a list of the most popular mom questions and had to put my answers into a post. The list was pretty extensive, so I decided to start off with just pregnancy and delivery related questions. Now don’t get all squeamish, I didn’t share any gory or awkward details, but I did share some good advice for new mamas. I’ll be answering more questions from the list about embarrassing things my kids have done in a few weeks.

Holy guacamole

I’m obsessed with guacamole. I especially love the guacamole at Chipotle (seriously I could eat it with a spoon). I’m going to a ‘taco themed’ brunch this weekend so I’ll be making this Chipotle ‘copy cat’ guacamole  over on Budget Savvy Diva (and trying not to eat it all in the car before I get there).

Frozen themed Easter baskets

I wrote last week about how I found some really cute Frozen gardening supplies at Target. Since the girls are still Frozen-obsessed and have been begging to plant some flowers at our house, I figured the Frozen themed Easter baskets were in order. I grabbed the tool set, gloves and watering can from Target (x2 of course) along with some Frozen socks, headbands and character cup from the Target dollar spot. I still need to add candy (for me) and they should be good to go.

Stitch Fix

I promised last week that I’d share my opinions on Stitch Fix on my blog. I’ve only been planning and writing this post for about 3 months now – sheesh! Finally got it published – check it out. I give my honest opinion on the whole process (what I love and what I don’t). Most importantly, I share my tips for getting stuff that you actually like in your fixes (and how to get your friends to pay for some of your stuff). Wanting to give Stitch Fix a try? Just take a few minutes to fill out your style profile and you’re good to go. Use my referral link to help me fund my Stitch Fix habit.

Since I’m feeling a bit under the weather, we’ll probably be laying low this weekend and just hanging around the house. Unless the weather is nice, in which case the girls will drag me kicking and screaming to the park.

What are your big plans for the weekend?


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