Confessions of a tired mom

Before you become a parent, you have lofty ideas of the kind of parent you will be and the things you will (and will not) do. Then you have a kid (or two or three), you survive on a minimal amount of sleep and personal time and those ‘parenting ideals’ go right out the window.

I’m in a permanent state of tired as a parent and I’ve been know to tell a little white lie or take a shortcut here or there to make my life easier. I no longer judge other parents for showing up in pajamas to drop their kids off at school or letting their kids wear a super hero costume to the grocery store. We’re all doing our best to survive and stay sane while we raise happy, healthy kids.

Here are 10 confessions from this tired mom that probably shock pre-kid me:

  1. I have hidden in the bathroom to eat something I did not want to share with my kids.

  2. When my kids wake me up early on the weekends (ie before 6am), sometimes I hand them their iPads and some cereal so I can take a nap on the couch.
  3. I know all the words to the ‘Dora the Explorer’ and ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’ intro songs.
  4. I have used baby wipes and hair detangler as a substitute for a bath when there just wasn’t time for a bath.
  5. I have sat in front of the television watching cartoons after my children have gone to bed, not realizing I’m still watching cartoons.
  6. I’ve told my girls we are out of candy/cookies/etc and then proceeded to eat the rest of the candy/cookies/etc.
  7. Since my kids are too young to tell time, I sometimes send them to bed 15-30 minutes early when they haven’t napped or are tired (or when I’m especially tired).
  8. I haven’t completed my 4 year old’s baby book and I have yet to start my 2 year old’s baby book.
  9. I let my children watch television before bed and even let them fall asleep watching it.
  10. I pay/paid my children to go potty in the toilet during potty training (whatever works right?!?).

Can you relate to any of these or have other mom confessions you’re ready to share?


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