Becoming a mom turned me into a liar

I never really thought of myself as a liar. Maybe I embellish here or there or tell a little white lie to keep someone from getting their feelings hurt. Definitely never would have called myself a liar.

And then I became a mom and found myself lying to my kids all day, every day. I feel bad but sometimes it’s just easier to tell you kids a lie to get them to do something you want them to do. Why argue about whether or not they can have a cookie when you can just say you don’t have any cookies?

I know people did this to me as a kid, so I don’t feel bad doing it to my kids. I mean, I turned out relatively fine. My favorite lie was from my Grandmother. If she didn’t want me to eat something, she would tell me “That will give you worms.”

Here are just a few of the lies I’ve told as a parent:

  • Cleaning is fun.
  • If you eat candy, your teeth will fall out.
  • The pool is only open on Fridays.
  • Shots don’t hurt.
  • Your toy must be lost.
  • Mommy’s phone can’t take pictures.
  • The park is closed.
  • Babies come out of your belly button.
  • The green stuff in your food is not vegetables, it’s seasoning.
  • Your bike doesn’t work in the rain.
  • The dog is allergic to people food and he will get sick and die if you feed him.
  • Dairy Queen is out of ice cream.
  • We can’t FaceTime with Anna and Elsa because they don’t have iPhones in Airendale.
  • Santa will come take your toys away if you’re bad after Christmas.
  • This isn’t a candy bar, it’s a vegetable bar for moms.
  • We don’t have batteries for that toy.
  • Chuck E. Cheese is only open for birthday parties.

What are some of the mom lies you’ve told your kids?


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