A letter to tired moms

Dear tired unappreciated moms,

I feel you. It’s been one of those days, weeks, years where you seem to give and give and just when you think you have nothing left, you give some more.

You give so much to your kids. You deal with hectic, beyond frustrating bedtimes, just to be woken in the middle of the night (sometimes multiple times) and then again earlier in the morning than you’d like. And if they don’t wake you, you’ll mysteriously wake on your own in a panic that they didn’t wake you so therefore something is wrong.

You rarely get praise or thank you’s and not because you’ve raised ungrateful children, but because they don’t realize everything you do and give up for them (and probably won’t until they have kids of their own).

Momma’s, really, you deserve an award, a trophy, a freaking medal for all that you do, day in and day out. But you have something better. You have a child. And while they can be a pain in the ass and drive you to your breaking point, they’re totally worth it. Sometimes it is easy to forget how fortunate we are to be moms and to be such and integral part of these little people’s lives.

So from one exhausted, under appreciated mom to another, thanks for all that you do.

And to all the exhausted, under appreciated dads out there, I know that you experience the same feelings that we do as moms, so for all of your hard work and for putting up with tired, exhausted moms, thanks to you too!


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